Patchwork Kingdoms

Be a part of a global community of people who support the Giga initiative and raise funds to bridge the digital divide by connecting every school in the world to the internet by 2030 and every young person to information, opportunity and choice.

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Giga (a UNICEF & ITU partnership) has launched this collection in partnership with Snowcrash Labs.

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Our NFT Collection

We’ve partnered with data visualization scientist, designer and artist Nadieh Bremer. Bremer effectively ‘paints’ with data that Giga has collected from schools themselves, creating a unique and visually striking collection of 1,000 NFTs called the Patchwork Kingdoms. These works are inspired by real information about school connectivity, which you can see on Giga's Project Connect site.

Half of the world is not connected to the internet, and this NFT collection shows exactly that disparity. Each Patchwork Kingdom has a world ‘above’ representing connected schools and a world ‘below’ representing unconnected schools. The squares in the hidden pale “reflection” city represent a lack of connectivity contrasted with the “vibrant” connectivity in schools in the upright city. Data is the “paint” Bremer uses to show how many children are still in need of life-changing connectivity.

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About Giga

Some 2.9 billion people (of which around 1.3 billion are children) do not have access to the Internet. This lack of connectivity means exclusion, marked by the lack of access to the wealth of information available online, fewer resources to learn and to grow, and limited opportunities for the most vulnerable children and youth to fulfill their potential.

Giga, a collaboration between UNICEF and ITU, is working to connect every school in the world to the internet and give every young person access to information, opportunity, and choice.
Giga uses satellite imagery and machine learning to map schools and their connectivity, new types of financing, including experimentations with cryptocurrencies, to help fund, and blockchain-based solutions to monitor and report on connectivity.

Check out our FAQ or contact us for more information.

The Patchwork Kingdoms Team

    Meet Our Advisors


      Giga, a UNICEF and ITU partnership, aims to connect every school in the world to the Internet by 2030. Working with 19 countries (and growing), Giga maps school connectivity in real-time, advises on appropriate technical solutions, creates models for innovative financing, and supports governments contracting for school connectivity. To date, Giga has mapped over 1 million schools, connected over 3,000 schools, and mobilized over $200 million for connectivity.


      Bremer’s art is made in collaboration with Snowcrash Labs, a fully integrated premier digital platform and creative production studio providing conceptualization, state-of-the-art production facilities, marketing, minting and sales services. Our infrastructure is based on Solana, a secure and environmentally responsible blockchain. We’ve developed an intuitive platform with simple, consumer-friendly, and sustainable methods for acquiring and interacting with NFT art.